Luminous Penthouse

This unique apartment occupies an entire floor near the top of an art deco skyscraper, but the original layout was awkward and the finishes were ordinary. The before photo below shows a composite of pre-construction photographs taken from the same vantage point. (Note that original kitchen was on right side of photograph)

All the original ceilings, walls, fixtures, and finishes were removed to make way for a totally new interior that would be worthy of the stunning views. The kitchen was relocated to the center of the apartment, creating a large living-dining room. One bathroom was added while the other was substantially enlarged. All the windows were replaced, and central air conditioning was woven into the design throughout.


A modern, minimalist aesthetic drove the design and material choices. Off-white walls and epoxy resin floors create a visually "quiet" perimeter that contrasts with the material-rich elements at the core of the apartment. Zebrawood, anigre, and rosewood built-in cabinetry anchor the functional elements of the apartment, while stainless steel, translucent Corian®, and etched glass elements introduce a luminous, ethereal quality at any time of day.